Friday, October 12, 2012

Computer Security: Techniques for beginners for creating security systems


Computers are the heart throttles, rulers over the mass public. As many open source software and hardware are available in web as free, there are more chances for unsecured environments possible in the world. That not only involves with computers alone but also steals a person’s total income, investments and finally makes the person to end up with cyber crimes. Let us see some of the ways how to make a secure system. There are five necessary features to determine and create a secure system.


A system should be authenticated by means of compelling a user to provide password during signing in into the site. Various password algorithms are available and a secured system should use an efficient algorithm. Periodic renewal of password is required and it is mandatory for the users to oblige for that. Security mechanisms involving with personal data should be kept while retrieving the password and sending to the users upon request. It is the responsibility of the user to remember the passwords and not to disclose to others even within couples.


After authenticated, depending upon the identity, few resources in the system are granted to users. It varies in system to system in the meaning that as we need to provide open source software or hardware, we should maintain private policies to the system, only few privileges can be accessed as free or certain time period, they are given free, but later on, they can be granted either by paying certain fee or donating compliments by means of coding etc., In this way, a system can get secured from malicious user.

Privacy policies

Like individual’s privacy, a computer system privacy also should be maintained in the way of Physical, Informational, Decisional and Dispositional. By means of providing a license key to a system and agreeing terms and conditions, a computer system can be secured.


One can make a secure system by means of non repudiation and protocols in the form of public and private keys. They help not to loose correct data, or preventing the malicious users to enter into the data.

Secure server

A system can be secured by means of secure electronic transaction (SET) and secure socket layer (SSL)

There are various ways of computer security.

Internet Security is nothing but need to provide security mechanisms over malwares and hackers. Possibility of loosing valuable data is more because of malwares. Above said techniques help to overcome them. Modern browsers are the preventing medium in providing high level SSL encryption and make the data safe.

Network security : In client-server architecture, Improper configuration of servers, Misuse of User Rights leads to vulnerabilities and a secure system should overcome that by keeping strong admin rights and the administrator who is managing network should monitor and periodic security layers should be kept.


One can earn money by using secured system. It is the responsibility of an individual to provide information in the secured way to earn good money. Beware of hackers, Trojans and malicious users across the web. By using the above said techniques one can able to protect the secured system.

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