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Computer Repair Specialist for Circleville Ohio

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Custom Software/Application Development

Software Screen ShotYour business is unique and has needs that are specific to your processes and procedures. We understand this. We help you turn your great ideas into great business solutions. We have worked with a variety of industries to develop customized applications that work for people. That’s why companies from startups to market leaders rely on Opulent Source to build the systems they build their business upon.

We pride ourselves in developing disciplined approaches to our software development; everything from extending your accounting system to writing a specific process or automation routine. This allows us to create solid and maintainable solutions.

So, Instead of changing your workflow to match your technology solution, you can put technology to work for you. This has proven again and again to be both a time saving and cost saving investment

Is Buying a Refurbished Computer Risky? Was the repair done properly?

There’s no denying Circleville that refurbished computers come with attractive price tags, but are they really worth it? It is possible to get an excellent deal on a refurbished machine, but before you run out and buy a refurbished computer right this second, you should look at the different kinds of refurbishing there are and what you, the careful buyer, should look for.

There are three types of “refurbished” machines. First are those that have been wiped clean and restored to the factory defaults by individuals looking to sell their machines? These will typically be listed on EBay or Craigslist as “used refurbished” or something similar. In most cases these machines are ones to avoid.

The second type is a computer refurbished professionally; either direct at the brand factories or by authorized resellers. When reconditioned this way, any problems are diagnosed and evaluated, and the machines are repaired with factory-approved parts by technicians who actually know what they’re doing. The chance for successful repair in these instances is high, thus decreasing the risk to buyers. These types of refurbished computers will typically be referred to as “Factory Refurbished”

The third type of refurbishing Circleville is done by the sellers themselves. A handful of reputable websites offer this service. These websites take damaged machines that factory warranties no longer cover, and their own techs repair them to the best of their ability. These repairs may be made with factory parts or cheaper alternatives. Many consider buying refurbished machines from such sources to be high-risk; however, with a little common sense, buyers can safely buy from such websites.

One of the most important things to look for when purchasing any refurbished computer Circleville is whether or not it comes with a warranty. This can be a sign that those responsible for fixing it are sure that the problem has been resolved, and assures that if the same problem, or a new one, should arise, you will not have wasted your time and money on a machine that is now an expensive paperweight.

Not only do you want to be sure that there is a warranty offered, you want to be sure that warranty is a decent one. Don’t be afraid to read reviews from other customers who have also built refurbished machines from the same source. There are of course always likely to be a few bad reviews, but what you’re looking for is majority vote.

Another major task buyers should undertake before purchasing a refurbished machine is to research the model itself. If the particular model you’re thinking of buying refurbished has several known major issues, it’s best to pass it up.

A final trap many buyers fall into with refurbished computers Circleville is that they look at the price tag and assume it’s a good deal without double checking what a new computer with similar specifications would cost. Sometimes the price isn’t all that different, especially if the refurbished machine doesn’t come with a monitor, which can add another $100 or more to the overall price and completely defeat the purpose of buying refurbished in the first place. If you need computer repair click here

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